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About Us


At Vivid Nail Salon, our No.1 menu item is our Calgel (organic gel) which offers safe, long lasting reinforcement to your nails. Alongside this, our Calgel and Gradient art using Swarovski stone are also very popular. Using refined techniques, our staff exercise the utmost care in providing the best service, to fit with each customer’s lifestyle.

Our salon’s history

1996 Opened in Sydney’s Town Hall.
1997 Relocated to Wynyard
1998 Nail Academy began
2000 Group lessons commenced at our Academy
2002 Nail courses commenced with partnering with language schools.
2005 Calgel was introduced to our Salon

* Our Salon attained official qualifications as an educator from the Calgel company.

* Our salon was approved by Calgel Australia to be an accredited Academy.

* Became an official distributing Calgel in Australia

2007 Worked in collaboration with Nikon for a World Wide Web commercial
2008 Renewing of our Salon and Academy

* 10 year anniversary party

2008 Private nail service for Channel 7’s News Caster.
2009 Given the opportunity to run the MSN hosted Event’s Nail section.
2010 Given the opportunity to run the MSN hosted Event’s Nail section.
2012 Given the opportunity to run the Vogue Fashion Week’s Nail section.
2015 Authorized as an official distributor of b-r-s company’s nail brushes.
2015 Renamed our Salon and Academy to ViViD.