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Hand menu

Polish change (15min) $17.00
Mini manicure (20min) $25.00
Full manicure (45min) $45.00
Luxury Manicure (60min)
Full Manicure + Gommage & Hand Treatment Pack
French Polish Extra $10.00
Men’s Manicure $35.00

Foot menu

Polish change (15min) $20.00
Mini Pedicure (30min)
Shaping, Buffing, Cuticle Care and Polish
Full Pedicure (60min)
Mini Pedicure + Scrub and Massage
Callus Peel Pedicure (60min)
Full Pedicure + Callus Peel
Luxury Pedicure (75min)
Full Pedicure + Foot Treatment Pack
Men’s Pedicure $45.00

Shellac (Approx. 45min)

Free removal for first time customer

One colour $50.00
Extra colour Extra $2.00
Shellac French
including Shaping, Buffing and Dry Cuticle Care
Shellac Removal (Approx. 20min) $15.00

Get free removal by making the next appointment

Foot with Shellac is extra $15 or extra $35 including massage and scrub

Calgel (Approx. 60min)

 Calgel menu include shaping buffing and dry cuticle care

One colour coating $75.00
Gradation coating $85.00
French coating $85.00
French base colour (one coat) Extra $10.00
Semi Hard Top Coat Extra $5.00
Glitter Extra $10.00
Clear infill $50.00
One colour infill $60.00
Extension (10nails) Extra $70.00
Extension (1nail~) Extra $9.00
Calgel (soft gel)Removal
including Shaping Buffing
Hard gel removal $40.00
Get 50% off for Calgel removal ($15) by making the next appointment  
Swarovski stone $1.00~
Glitter line $1.00~
Paint art $5.00~
3Dart $5.00~
Foot with Calgel is extra $15 or extra $35 including massage and scrub  

Acrylic (Approx. 60min)

We do not use the machine(drill) all done by hand!

Coating (60min) $60.00
Full set(Approx. 120min) $130.00
Infill(60min) $50.00
Polish finish Extra $10.00
Removal(Approx. 40min) $35.00

Eyelash Perming (45min~)

Eyelash Perming (Approx. 45min) $45.00